Levi’s launches an educational programme to promote music

In September 2016 Levi’s launched a long-term initiative to facilitate young people’s access to music.

For the launch, the brand collaborated with four artists in the US and the UK. With Alicia Keys, they imagined a class in Brooklyn on music technology, teaching students about sound engineering, audiovisual production, post-production, mastering etc…

With the hip-hop artist Vince Staples, they also launched a programme on the technical aspect of music at the YMCA in California.

In London, the artist Skepta organised a 2-month programme in a community centre in Tottenham, centering on light engineering, sound production and social media strategy.

The fourth artist is the musician SZA who held a concert to promote healthy eating in New Jersey.

Jennifer Sey, CMO at Levi’s explained that the idea had come about based on the observation that music is often neglected as a subject in schools.

“We thought that was quite sad really, so what we aim to do with these artists is to create customized programmes that they help us to build” she explains. “The idea is to give kids a chance to learn music and express themselves in a positive way”.