Smirnoff promotes inclusion with its “we’re open” campaign

The vodka brand Smirnoff is releasing a new video for its “We’re Open” campaign with the participation of the French DJ Jeffrey Jewell, who suffers from albinism.

In March 2016, Smirnoff released a first commercial with Chris Fonseca, a deaf dance teacher. The video shows Chris with his students as one of them says: “There’s not many teachers out there who can teach a deaf person how to hear music”. The video concludes with the line “We are all the same on the dance floor” leading into the “we’re open” point of view. Chris Fonseca’s story is undeniably inspiring and fits into Smirnoff’s campaign that wishes to promote inclusion and diversity.

In October 2016, a second video with Nadia Tehran, a Swedish-Iranian hip-hop artist was shared by the brand. This video wanted to showcase the difficulties faced by artists who are second-generation immigrants.

In February 2017, Smirnoff released a third clip with the albino DJ Jeffrey Jewell. The video shows the DJ in South Africa, using his music to be a figure uniting all albinos who don’t dare leave their home.

“Inclusivity is such an important topic today. Smirnoff believes in the power of music to bring people together”, said Vince Hudson, senior vice president and global brand director of Smirnoff.