Reebok seek to empower women with a campaign featuring Ariana Grande & Gigi Hadid


Reebok just released their #BeMoreHuman campaign starring Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, Gal Galdot and Danai Gurira to promote women.

For many years, Reebok has always been motivated by the challenge of Female Empowerment.

As stated by Melanie Boulden Marketing VP at Reebok: « We did this back in the 1980s, when the brand helped usher in a new fitness movement, led by women, that changed culture and made it OK for women to sweat and have muscles. We are still at it today, developing innovative product for women, by women, and encouraging females to experience the physical, mental and social transformation that happens when we move — the essence of our Be More Human philosophy. »



The brand created this campaign in order to support women deeper in association with the Movement Foundation and The Women’s Strength Coalition. Women have a voice, they are strong, and they can make changes.

Through this campaign each artist shares their opinion on what it means to them to be more human. On top of that, the brand has developed posters with a quote that means something to each of them personally.